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Review: Gloment – Glow in the moment! 

There’s this brilliant little company in Germany who have the creative juices and style I want to inspire. They are called ‘Gloment’ and for a reasonable fare will create a vision poster for you.

All you do is select the size and style, they’ll send you a few questions, then design with your answers. They’ll let you preview and make changes too. 

Delivery is excellent. I live on the other side of the world and mine arrived within a few weeks!  


Wild Cheryl


“Life… mysterious, irrevocable and scared. So very close, so very present, so very belonging to me. How wild it was, to let it be”

In 2014, Hollywood released a movie ‘Wild’, and like all Hollywood movies based on books, I decided to read the book first. For me that is the true story. I believe words paint a better picture than an actual picture.

For those not familiar with her story, Cheryl had hit rock-bottom, and made the decision to set out over the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) alone, to process everything that had happened.

As you can imagine, she met all characters of life, literally stumbled as the days rolled into nights, and came out the other side.

To keep on going, to suck it up, (and swallow concrete, as my fellow Aussies would say) is truly inspiring. No matter how tough it got, she kept on moving, breathing and being.




The Spring Onion Story

‘A handful of chopped spring onion’ is all the recipe called for. The long green stems sat dishevelled on the kitchen worktop. I stood back feeling sad and annoyed.

I felt sad because it was perfectly good source of food. I had good intentions, I would put it back in the fridge, with the idea of using in a random recipe somewhere in the middle of the week. Only to forget all about it and throw it in the rubbish bin during my Sunday clean out.

I felt annoyed because as a well practised purse-string-tugger, all I saw was a couple dollars going in the rubbish bin. I thought, why hadn’t someone come up with packaged spring onions proportioned to a single persons needs? Not that I would buy it, can you imagine the preservatives that would be involved?

As I stood pondering my dilemma, I looked out onto the small unused courtyard attached to my suburban townhouse. I looked and looked, and then lightbulb! I wonder if you can regrow spring onions? So, I did what any 30-something would do in 2016; I asked Google, and yes, yes I could.

Google said, chop the onions at the root and place in water for a few days:


The lighter green is where the chopping occurred, the brighter green stems appeared after 24 hours. It is hard to describe the joy of seeing something come back to life. Naturally, I took a photograph and showed it everyone I met that day. After a few days (because Melbourne was mean and rained) I planted the spring onions back into the ground and reconnected to them to Mother Earth.


Now, every morning I am checking them and watching their little green stems reach for the sky, knowing I may never have an onion problem again. Despite a couple of thunderstorms, they are standing solidly in a little corner of the courtyard, and I can’t help checking them every morning and feeling the pride that comes with the thought: “I did that”.

This small little thing has inspired me to search my fridge every morning of other things I could potentially grow. It has inspired me to make the decision that the earth in my courtyard isn’t ideal, and I probably should buy a pot and soil, should I decide to grow my vegetables, it will need to be done properly. But most importantly, it has empowered me into believing I can be a little green.

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